Everyone on the U.S. A- Team is a proven driver on the American racing circuits, but not all of them race in the international categories.  Each member is hand chosen by the team captain for their skills and composure both on and off the race course.  We are all tremendously proud to be representing our country.  


Billy Allen is a second generation race driver but his roots in outboards date back farther than that, his grandfather Ramsey Allen worked directly for Mercury Outboard pioneer Carl Keikeafer and was one of the very first Mercury Outboard dealers in the Northeast US. Allen, a veteran of over thirty years of outboard racing, piloting both runabout and hydroplane hulls, has won over 10 US National Championships and 14 US National Points Champion in the Stock, Modified and PRO divisions of APBA. He has set 4 World Competition records and currently holds 2. He is the multi-time recipient of such distinguished APBA awards as the Paul Kalb Memorial Award in the Modified Division, the Gerald Waldman and the Henry Menzies Memorial Awards in the Stock Division and the Gilbert Peterman Memorial Award in the PRO Division. Billy has raced competitively in several classes but he currently races Stock classes C and 20 SuperStock hydro and PRO classes OSY-400, 125cc and 250cc hydro. Billy is also a 2 time APBA Hall of Champions inductee. There are few individuals in the sport of outboard racing with a record as diverse and accomplished as the U.S. A-Team captain.  Read Captain Billy Allen’s Story Here.

Team Captain and Driver: Billy Allen

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Years raced: 30+

Local Club: South Shore Outboard Association

Executive Administrator: Rachel Warnock

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Started Racing in 2001

Local Club: South Shore Outboard Association

Rachel is a 3rd generation driver and hasn’t missed one summer of boat racing since she was 3 months old.  She holds several regional High Points Championships in various classes, and was the AXH National Champion in 2005.  Rachel currently races ASH and often works as a scorer at local races. Originally from Pewaukee, WI, Rachel re-located to Quincy MA and currently works at Tufts University.

Read about Rachel’s story Here.

Driver: Tony Lombardo

Hometown: Concord, CA

Started Racing in 2003

Years on the Team: 2009, 2011

Local Club: Northern California Outboard Association

This young but accomplished driver is the first of his family to race.  Like the team captain, Tony races both hydroplanes and runabouts in the Stock, Mod, and Pro categories.  He also races Cracker Box in the Inboard category.  He is a past national champion who holds 7 North American Championship titles, 8 National High Point Championships, 1 World Competition Speed Record in the 850CCR class, and was a 2007 inductee into the Hall of Champions.  He is also a two-time recipient of the esteemed Colonel Green Round Hill Trophy.  Tony currently races OSY400, CSH, Cracker Box and 850CCR.  Read about Tony’s story Here.

John Wlodarski III

Hometown: Newton, New Jersey 

Started racing in 2006 

Year on the Team: 2011

John Wlodarski III is a second generation outboard racer, and races both hydroplane and runabout hulls. In the 2010 season John was awarded The Fishers Landing Racing Club (FLRC) Sportsmanship Award and  the South Shore Outboard Association(SSOA) high point awards in three separate classes, AXSR, AXSH and ASR. He was also honored with two of Region One's most prestigious trophies, The Bill Giles Award for the most overall points in all classes, and The Kenny Rosado Award for the most points in a single class. Read Johnny’s story here.

Other Team Members:

Chief Technical Officer: Bob Cronin

Pit Crew: Dudley Smith, Alex Polikof Jr.

International Jury Representative: Racer Allen

Photographer and Advisor: Dave Recht

Transportation Secretary: Jack Glasses Nealy (Boston) and John Puestow (Midwest)

Support Staff: Sheri Runne and Abby Pond





Pit Crew: Heather Knox

Hometown: Mississauga, ON, CANADA

Started Racing: 1994

Year on the Team: 2013

Local Club: Toronto Outboard Racing Club

Heather is a 1st generation driver.  Her father had watched John Webster race as a child, and decided to get his kids involved in the sport.  She is a Canadian National Champion in JSH and holds several Canadian National High Points Championships in JSH, FAH and 20SSH.  Heather currently races 20SSH and is often Chief Scorer or Referee at her local races.  Heather is actively involved in her local club and has been on the Club Executive for 8 years as the Secretary and in her current role as Treasurer.  

Mike is a 2nd generation driver who started racing along with his father in 2006, but Mike’s father and grandfather both have roots in 1950’s era Mercury racing motors and hydroplane hulls. Mike races both hydroplane and runabout hulls in the Stock, Modified, and PRO categories. He was the 2007 SSOA and Region One Rookie of the Year, a one-time recipient of the coveted SSOA Saddle Award, and has consistently had podium finishes in both high points and racing in the OSY-400, CSH, and 20SSH classes.  Mike has raced an impressive array of classes including JH, JR, AXH, AXR, ASH, ASR, BSH, 20ssh, CSH, 25SSH, OSY-400, DSH, and 750ccMR, but currently races CSH, 20ssh, and OSY-400. Mike is currently studying plastics engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Driver: Mike Akerstrom

Hometown: Westford, MA

Started Racing: 2006

Local Club: South Shore Outboard Association

Driver: Todd Anderson

Hometown: Northlake, IL

Started Racing: 2006

Local Club: U.S. Title Series and Badger State Outboard Association



Todd is a 3rd generation driver who races in both the Pro and Stock racing categories.  In Pro, he races both runabout and hydroplane hulls in the 125cc class, while in Stock he races 20SSH and CSH.  In 2007 Todd won the U.S. Title Series Checkered Flag Award, and in 2012 he was awarded both the U.S. Title Series Up and Comer Award and the 125ccH High Point Championship.  Todd comes from a family steeped in the world of outboard racing, and his brothers are often seen in the pits or on the race course as well.  Todd is currently studying Music and Business Administration at Illinois Wesleyan University.

A-Team Alumni

Videographer: Valerie Lighthart

Hometown: Germantown, WI

Valerie Lighthart started her work with the U.S A-Team in 2013 as a film-maker.  Her background in the field includes creating short videos, writing scripts, and working in various positions on feature film projects such as The Surface and Letters To Ashleigh. She also worked in television, starring in Roommates, a one-episode, nationally-broadcasting sitcom and technical directing on it's 50's-themed counterpart, The Robert & Rosie Show. She writes & directs personal projects in her spare time. Aside from film-making, she just published her first book titled He's Got Problems available on Amazon. Her involvement in the World of Boat Racing is recent, but she thoroughly enjoys the sport and working with the U.S. A-Team. 


Pit Crew: Jimmy Cummings

Hometown: Westford, MA

Started Racing: 2012

Years on the team: 2014-2015

Local Club: South Shore Outboard Association

Jimmy is a first generation driver and longtime friend of fellow team member Mike Akerstrom. He originally decided to become part of Mike's pit crew, and eventually worked his way up to piloting his very own 302 super stock Hydro. In his first full season of racing, Jimmy earned the APBA Rookie of the Year award- meaning he garnered the more points than all the other rookies nation-wide. Jimmy is currently studying biomedical engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he also rows for the crew team.

Driver: Kyle Lewis

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Started Racing: 1994

Local Club: Seattle Outboard Association

Boat racing has been a part of Kyle's life as far back as he can remember. His father introduced him to the sport as a toddler and Kyle's early fascination with hydroplane racing led to him becoming a second generation driver at the young age of nine.  Starting in hydroplanes, and quickly discovering a love of driving runabouts, Kyle meet with early success as he claimed a 2nd place finish at the 2003 National Championships.  He now competes in both of the ultra-competitive “C” Stock classes. Since 2007 he has captured six Division titles, and in 2010 he earned Winter National Championship titles in both “C” hydro and runabout.  Kyle currently drives for Lee Sutter, a former World Champion, and together, the team has set four world speed records.  Kyle has travelled to every corner of the country in pursuit of victory, and is excited to extend that passion overseas.